gold 3000 compro oro , se devo vendere il mio oro a deuch version
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Gold3000 is the FIRST STORE "buy gold" in Trentino Alto Adige SINCE 2001 at your service. Today' it boasts a surplus of 20,000 CUSTOMERS satisfied with professionalism and transparency.

What should I consider when selling my gold? Do I have to pay taxes if I sell my gold? How do you estimate the used gold?

Gold 3000 deals with the trade of precious objects, more precisely, it buys all that is gold and pays cash, offering its customers a transparent and professional service. The hard work and many years of activity, have secured us the confidence and esteem of a wide range of customers throughout the province areas regarding the collection of gold.

At Gold 3000, we are always ready to provide the information needed in order to remove even the slightest doubt, so once you asked all the questions, you may be more satisfied as possible and not have all those doubts that you had before you talked to us. this is a very important thing for us.

You want to sell your gold?
just come to one of our stores, and our team will be happy to offer you a professional, accurate and above all discreet work. We wait for you!
Opening times
From Monday to Friday
Morning - 09:00 to 12:30
Afternoon - 15:30 to 19:00
Your Old Gold counts a lot fo us


The evaluation is done according to certain criteria regarding the carat, weight and gold prices on the stock exchange. All this is done in front of the customer. The transparency and reliability are the calling card of our stores. The Gold team always answer in a clear, detailed and easy way to any questions , so that customer is always satisfied.

Customers ...we wait for you! ...opening stores

Your old gold counts a lot for us. The objects made of gold sold remain in a legally detention for ten days then all are used exclusively for the fusion and become ingots, and other extruded products. They are never sold as jewelry, in order to prevent that a customer could find one of his object in the shop window. Peolple often have some unused golden objects in the drawer and sometimes they are not even aware of the value they have, in these cases just come to one of our Gold 3000 stores to have an evaluation completely for free.
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